Theme & Interesting Facts

The world is not unknown to calendar shoots. The fashion industry has a remarkable presence in both print and digital media for a long time.Every leading brand is trying to publish glamorous and artistic designs in the form of a calendar. Dazz photography has taken a liberty to showcase something fresh and innovative by launching a calendar at the closing time of a Financial year.

Origin of the Theme

The theme was hand-picked from various activities happening around us and it was implemented with a collaborative effort of our entire team.
We discussed so many themes for the same and with the image of shoe polish man in the mind, an idea came out in our mind to work on the theme professions. Not the elite but the petite professions whom we watch in the day-to-day life.We started to sort the petite professions which involve a different level of intensity.Hence name given to the shoot Theme was ” PROFASHION” ( profession ) which in a way got connected with the idea of the financial calendar.

Professions which we have framed :
1.Security Guard
2.Shoe Shiner
3.Cab Driver
5.Car Washer
8.Newspaper Assembler
10.Vegetable Seller
11.Construction Worker

Interesting Facts :

• 3 days to complete the entire shoot/12 Concepts.
• A joint effort of people from different fields like models, students, actors, dancers, and Bloggers.
• Took 15 days to prepare for the shoot including concept, location, and looks.
• The shoot has been done in 6 different location like a garage, cobblers shop, under construction building, salon etc.
• The theme PRO-Fashions(Professions) which connects the idea of doing a shoot for a financial calendar.

Objective :

• To bring petite professions in light and present them in a whole new different
• To prove that fashion is disregarding any profession. One just needs that
insight to see it.
• For instance, that picture of a Chaiwala spread like a wildfire through the net
just because of his intense look and the same for the vegetable vendor
because of her beauty